Hello World and Welcome to my Blog!


Life is full of ups and downs and everyone is faced with dilemmas, forks in the road and making choices about relationships, parenting, work, friendships, money, home life, health, the environment and even what to have for dinner!

I’m the type of person who prefers to avoid confrontation so I used to ignore a lot of things that I wasn’t happy about and just went with the flow in order to keep the peace, even though I felt guilty or unhappy about some of my choices.  I am a ‘yes’ person and always do my best to please everybody, which is really exhausting and pretty much impossible as one party always ends up being upset with me.   I also used to keep all my annoyances and frustrations bottled up inside until it all became too much and eventually boiled over (not a pretty sight).

Over the years I have learnt that you can’t change other people, you have to change yourself.  I feel that I’ve become a stronger person and I’m happier about that.  I can stand up for myself now (well, most times! Unfortunately there’s still situations where I let people walk all over me) and I’m able to speak up when I don’t agree with something or I’m not happy about it.  Of course,  there are still times when I feel a bit down and wish things could be different.   I want my life to be perfect but is that even possible?  I’m still aiming for a balance right now and realise that sometimes I need to let things go or look at situations more positively.

I found talking to friends and writing down my thoughts, experiences and feelings helped clear my head so I wasn’t mulling over the same thing again and again.  Yoga is a great outlet too:  calms and relaxes me helping to de-clutter my thoughts and expel any anxiety or stress.

I decided to start this blog so I can write down any situations (the good, the bad and the ugly) that constantly reappear in my thoughts throughout the day and keep me awake at night.   I’d love for readers to offer their thoughts, ideas, advice or solutions and I’m hoping that your comments will help others too!


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