A Little Piece of Sunshine #1


Today I found a little piece of sunshine.

I used to play tennis in primary school, had some coaching lessons, played in my early 20s and then went overseas and didn’t play again for about 3 years until we came back to Australia.  Once settled, I played every Monday night in a team of 4 and really enjoyed hitting against the other teams and building up my strength and skills.

Then along came the babies and there wasn’t time for tennis anymore or there were football games that had to played and I had to stay home and look after the kids.

Last month I saw an ad in the paper looking for ladies to play tennis for 2 hours every Friday morning and I jumped at the chance (now that both kids are at school).  So I went down this morning and met 5 lovely ladies and we played at least 24 games of tennis.  It was great!  I felt great!  It was like I’d never been away from the game.

I’ll feel achy and sore tomorrow but it will be worth it.

What little piece of sunshine have you found recently?